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Rock spires

Rock spires - Le Sentier des Pyramides. 29 May 07


Marmot mounting guard. 29 May 07

Rockfall and erosion

Rockfall and erosion. 29 May 07

Coloured rock

Different coloured rock outcrops. 29 May 07

Ridge and cirque

The ridge and cirque de Morgon. 29 May 07

Lac de Morgon

Lac de Morgon. 29 May 07

Lac de Serre Poncon

Lac de Serre Poncon from the top of the Morgon. 29 May 07

Snow and poppies

Snow at the end of May above Spring poppies. 28 May 07

Path untrodden

The path, untrodden, beckons upwards. 28 May 07

Spooky forest

Spooky forest. 28 May 07

Two worlds

Two worlds-snow and sunshine. 28 May 07

Lac de Lalatcha

Lac de Lalatcha from the high point on the ridge, (2925m). 26 May 07

Strange Wild animal

Strange wild animals can still be found in this area!. 26 May 07

Aiguille de C

The Aiguille de Chamberyon and the Vars/Ubaye valleys. 26 May 07

Stone shelter

Stone shelter at a col. 26 May 07

Baby bird

Baby bird making too much noise!. 26 May 07

Torrent de Fouran

The Torrent de Fouran falling into the valley of the Couleau. 25 May 07

Slate quarry

Slate quarry in a cliff, the doorway leads to an excellent bad weather shelter. 25 May 07

Shepherds cabin

Shepherds cabin in the valley of the Fouran. 25 May 07

Upper valley of Mean

The upper valley of the Mean. 25 May 07


Cascade in the headwall of the valley of Freisinnieres. 24 May 07

Marmot tracks

Marmot tracks. 24 May 07

Lac Palluel

Lac Palluel, (2473m), looking up to the Grand Pinier, (3114m). 24 May 07

Gathering of Cairns

The gathering of the cairns..... 24 May 07

Natural bonsai

Natural bonsai. 24 May 07

Eroded limestone

Eroded limestone pavement. 24 May 07


Dormillouse village sheltering under the Tete de Gramusat, (2427m). 24 May 07

Waterfall col de Reyssas

Waterfall leaping down from the col de Reyssas, (2494m). 23 May 07

Rock Garden

Rock garden at 2700m. 23 May 07

Tete de Chante

Tete de Chante Perdix and Mont Guillaume. 23 May 07

Lac de Serre Poncon

Lac de Serre Poncon with Cros de Coni, (2555m), in the foreground. 23 May 07

Ridge to Pointe de Serre

The ridge leading up to Pointe de Serre, (2919m). 23 May 07

hanging valleys

Hanging valleys above Larche. 21 May 07

Tete de Sautron

The Tete de Sautron (3165m). 21 May 07

Mountain Ash

A mountain ash growing in the bole of a willow at Larche. 20 May 07


Goats near Moulinet: more common here than sheep because it get so hot. 17 May 07

Near Moulinet

Near Moulinet. Great cycling country! 17 May 07

Serious Woodpeckers

Serious Woodpeckers! 17 May 07

Street in Moulinet

Street in Moulinet. The houses, (sometimes 5 stories high), and streets are stepped down the hill. 17 May 07

Champ de Mars

The "champ de Mars" in Moulinet. Note the house has patches just like the plane tree. 17 May 07

Shaft of Light

Shaft of light in the church at Sospel. 16 May 07

Baroque nave

Baroque nave in the church at Sospel. 16 May 07


Lac de l'Hivernet. 1 May 07

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