March 07 Photos

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The rabbit emporium

The rabbit emporium, passed in a hamlet on the way to Le Meale. 30 March 07

Le Meale summit

View from the summit of Le Meale. 30 March 07


Rucksack all ready for my start. 26 March 07

Judy - Just about to start from Monaco

Just about to start from Monaco. 26 March 07

The Via Alpina in Monaco!

Unbelievably this is the Via Alpina in Monaco. On it's way to a lift! 26 March 07

Signpost - left or right?

Left or right? I thought right, but the route must have gone to the left! 26 March 07

Tree growing out of a boulder.

Tree growing entirely out of a boulder. 26 March 07

Via Alpina sign.

This is what correct Via Alpina signing looks like, with the VA disc in between the two directions the route takes. 26 March 07


A pair of eagles looking for a meal. 11 March 07

mother of pearl cloud

Mother of pearl colours in the clouds. 11 March 07

Mt Asta Soprana

A cloud sea dissipating over Mt Asta Soprana. 7 March 07

Cima del Argentera

The mighty Argentera on a beautiful Spring morning. 7 March 07


Chamois in search of food. 7 March 07

Sospel Horse

Raring to go in Sospel - just how I feel! 6 March 07

Sospel trompe l'oeil

Fine architectural details...are they real? 6 March 07

Sospel bridge

The old bridge in Sospel. 6 March 07

Breil sur roya

'Looking down at Breil: 15 miles inland and already Alpine. 6 March 07

Miami Vice

Sleek black 90ft powerboats - bad guys straight from Miami Vice! 5 March 07

Monaco Harbour

Monaco Harbour. 5 March 07

Arete de la Ratelle

The Arete de la Ratelle. 1 March 07