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Cairn-building can approach and art form: here a cairn seems to echo rock strata. 29 June 07


The first half of the traverse. Costa Rouenda to the Aupillon, with the Lac Sainte Marguerite in foreground. 29 June 07


Water is a great landscape architect. In the foreground slate fragments shattered by freeze-thaw. In the middle a glacial hanging valley, and ravines in the background eroded by torrents. 29 June 07


Another welcome splotch of colour in a day of rock. 29 June 07


The sun sets ona memorable day, but with still some way to walk!. 29 June 07


The village of Praveyral nestles at the foot of the ravine below Pic St Andre. 27 June 07


A glimpse through cloud of the Aiguilles de Chambeyron and the Tete de Corbes. 27 June 07

Cabane de

The Cabane de Valbelle and its flower meadow bathed in sun. 27 June 07


Two ridges separate the Pic St Andre and the Pic sans Nom from the cirque of Les Croix. 27 June 07


This tiny chapel, sheltering a 10ft high crucifix, must have been built after an alcoholic lunch. 27 June 07

le croix

The Lac de Serre Poncon from Les Croix, as evening shadows creep up the hill. 27 June 07


A typical shepherds hut. The loft is accessible year round by ladder, the shepherds' summer quarters are below. 25 June 07


Soleil Boeuf, the second summit. 25 June 07


The Vallon du Distroit from the Soleil Boeuf ridge. 25 June 07

Where's my pipe

Enjoying a natural seat in a boulder, now where's my pipe! 25 June 07

Muretier valley

The Muretier valley. The path leads along the route of an old glacier 23 June 07


One of the magnificent butterflies to be found here. 23 June 07

100 yard river

Water in the Muretier vally sinks into the rock, to appear as a 100 yard river rock. 23 June 07


The Pouzenc throws down a challenge. 23 June 07

Pouzenc steep

On the way down the Pouzenc. The cairn marks the path. 23 June 07


Vertical scenery! The Montagnette is an outcrop of igneous rock in the calcareous ridge. 23 June 07


The descent from the Aula to the Col was tricky. 23 June 07

Rock slab

The path leads across a huge slab of rock. 5 June 07

Boussolenc thunder

Pic de Boussolenc with thunder and hail on the way. 5 June 07

Woodland textures

Woodland textures. 5 June 07

Frenchman about

Frenchman about to descend a mountain across banks of snow: hence the preoccupied look. 3 June 07

Alpine ptarmigan

Alpine ptarmigan, (in the middle!). 3 June 07


Enjoying a great day in the mountains. 3 June 07

Looking to Pte de Serre

Looking across to Pte de Serre with more late Spring snow on the way. 2 June 07

Mourre Froid Scramble

Scrambling on the Mourre Froid ridge, crumbly rock and a sure step required. 2 June 07

Glissade gully

After a nice glissade off the ridge down the gully. 2 June 07

Chapel de St Marcellin

The Chapel de St Marcellin, on an outcrop halfway up the valley. 2 June 07

Torrent de Charges

Torrent de Charges writhing through debris fields, Aiguilles de Chabrieres on the skyline. 2 June 07

Le Morgon and lake

Le Morgon and the lake. 2 June 07

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