February 07 Photos

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le meale view

Le Meale summit ridge & lake view. 26 February 07

le meale

Le Meale summit ridge. 26 February 07


A group beehives perched on a large boulder. 24 February 07

Demoiselles Coiffees

'Demoiselles Coiffees', strange narrow spires surmounted by a large rock. 24 February 07

View from the GR50

Another view from the GR50, and gives a feeling for the relief here - 1600m vertical from the peaks to the torrent - the brown slash across it is a cliff caused by water cutting away the rock. 16/17 February 07

Pic de Morgon

A view from the track to the top of the morgon. Thats 1100m to the top. Shortly after it gets to a 50-70 degree slope! 16/17 February 07

Les Means

Les Means is a typical little village on the GR50 - 16/17 February 07

Pigeons at Briancon

These two 2 little fellers were closed up in an old barn, (I think for pigeon pie ... !) - 14 February 07


Briancon - 14 February 07

Briancon is an old town near to my training base at Embrun. It was fortified by Vauban

Chateauroux les alpes

Chateauroux les alpes - 13 February 07

This view of Chateauroux shows it guarding the Torrent de Rabioux, that has cut a cleft 1.4km deep into the mountains.

Lac de Siguret

Lac de Siguret - 13 February 07

View from Mont Guillaume

View from Mont Guillaume - 4 February 07

Mont Guillaume snowshoers

Mont Guillaume snowshoers - 4 February 07

Mont Guillaume

Mont Guillaume - 2 February 07

Snowshoeing beneath Mont Guillaume

Snowshoeing beneath Mont Guillaume - 2 February 07